Discover The Partnership Power Of The Alliance

Economic Development is the broad creation of wealth in a community.

Alliance Members Are

Motivated and engaged professionals interested in the economic development of Georgetown County.

Interested in promoting and supporting activities designed to improve Georgetown County through competitive industry recruitment and existing business expansion.

Yellow big excavator in the coal mine, loads the breed, with the bright sun and nice blue sky in the background. Technique in coal mine. Mining truck mining machinery.

Advocates for industrial opportunities that foster job creation, bring wealth into the county, and diversify the tax base.

worker while doing a welding with arc welder

Alliance membership means you are taking an active role
in job creation and the sustainability of Georgetown County.

Membership Opportunities

Economic Development efforts are regularly reported and members have networking opportunities as well as access to marketing and prospecting updates.

Engaged members have opportunities to interact with industries in Georgetown County and prospective businesses in a way that is not found anywhere else.

Alliance funds support the economic development of Georgetown County to ensure diversification of the local economy and new job creation.

Economic Development efforts include recruitment, mission trips, marketing, prospecting efforts, and research studies.

Alliance Membership

As a nonprofit organization, the Alliance is reliant on membership and support from businesses and individuals that are motivated to see Georgetown County thrive.